Mindful Leadership - Online

Discover the principles and key practices of Mindful Leadership and understand how these can be applied in your own life.

Mindful Leadership - Online



Build personal resilience through a daily mindfulness practice at work


Collaborate more effectively with others through being fully present


Make important shifts to help you stay in the moment and become a better leader

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Course Structure

The course is divided into 4 modules. Each module focuses on a different aspect of mindfulness as a modern leader.

01 What is Mindfulness?

Here, you will learn some of the key theories we will be working with and you will discover a short and simple exercise that can help you to make an important shift in your way of experiencing in the moment.

02 Introducing Mind Time Practices

You will learn simple ten minute practices that our research tells us can enhance three key leadership capacities: personal resilience, the ability to collaborate effectively with others, and an ability to become more agile in the complex and uncertain conditions of working life today

03 The Application to Leadership

You will learn more about the theory and practice of Mindful Leadership as well as the Mindful Leader research we conducted at Ashridge.

04 Learning to AIM

You will find out more about the 3 key meta-capacities - Allowing, Inquiry and Meta-Awareness - that underpin Mindful Leadership. You will learn more about how you can develop and enhance these in your life as a leader, at work in general and at home.



Michael Chaskalson - Professor of Practice BA Hons (MA)

A pioneer in the application of mindfulness in workplace and leadership contexts, Michael is the author of the agenda-setting book The Mindful Workplace (Wiley, 2011), the bestselling Mindfulness in Eight Weeks (Harper Thorsons, 2014), and co-author of both Mindfulness for Coaches (Routledge 2017) and Mind Time (Harper Thorsons 2018).

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Based on his 40 years of personal practice of mindfulness and related disciplines, Michael now shares his insights and research with audiences worldwide as a keynote speaker, coach, consultant, and teacher. He works with global corporations and public sector organisations, as well as individuals, so that they better understand mindful leadership practices.

Michael has also been a successful social entrepreneur, founding a fair trade company that came to have annual sales of £10 million and 200 employees. He is founder and CEO of Mindfulness Works, a mindful workplace and leadership consultancy. Based in Cambridge, UK, is extensive executive client list includes RWE, Glaxo, KPMG, Diageo, 3M and Lloyds Banking Group.


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