Online Executive Education

Virtual Ashridge is a digital learning platform containing thousands of hours worth of content developed and curated by Ashridge faculty. From nano-programs on topics such as resilience and strategy, to research articles on mindfulness practice, Virtual Ashridge covers all aspects of leadership development.

Online Executive Education


Virtual Ashridge

Our online executive education stems from over 50 years of experience in developing leaders around the world. All content is developed and curated by leading Ashridge faculty and thought leaders across industry. Much of the content you see in our online executive education programs is used in our globally-renowned residential leadership programs. It caters for different learning styles with video, audio and text-based resources, from faculty-led interactive webinars to psychometrics and self-assessment.

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Blended Learning

Teams are becoming increasingly agile and dispersed. We understand the complexities and costs of bringing together your staff in one location at the same time. Many of our international clients combine classroom-based learning with highly impactful online executive education.

Virtual Ashridge can be used as a standalone learning solution, or it can be accessed as part of a customized, blended learning solution. Much of the content complements our open programs, so it is an ideal way to help consolidate learning after the program has finished.

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