Finance for Non Financial Managers

Developing confidence in analyzing and interpreting financial results will enable you to meaningfully contribute to strategic financial decisions and help drive business performance. Acquire the knowledge to understand and speak confidently about core financial concepts

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Management decisions can significantly impact financial performance and so having a sound understanding of key financial concepts can make the difference to leading sustainable organizational success.

This course will demystify finance and explain key financial terminology, concepts, and principles in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. By the end, you will:

  • Understand financial terminology and concepts and finance’s impact on the organization
  • Feel confident in analyzing and interpreting financial results
  • Have a greater awareness of how management decisions impact financial drivers and the performance of the organization

Please Note: To book the virtual option for Financial Foundations, please get in touch.

Dates & Fees

Duration: 3 days face-to-face or 6 weeks online

Ashridge & Virtual

18 Mar - 20 Mar 2019

Fee: £3,900 + VAT

Fees for Virtual: £1,700 + VAT

Who is this for?

Managers who do not work in finance, but who are looking to better understand financial terminology and concepts so they can confidently make meaningful contributions to strategic financial decisions


Neil Greig

"This course was a perfect introduction to the key financial metrics that affect every organization"

Neil Greig

Director of Policy and Research, Institute of Advanced Motorists


Steve Seymour

Steve Seymour


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