Masters in Finance

Gain the necessary skills to tackle the complex world of corporate financial management in an interconnected global economy with Hult’s one-year Masters in Finance, a highly in-demand STEM degree.

Masters in Finance



Masters in Finance at Hult

Learn both the language of business and the tactical financial skills needed to make an impact in corporate finance and international accounting with a Masters in Finance. With our Masters in Finance program, you will learn to make smart financial management decisions that maximize company value, limit risk, and optimize financial performance.

As a STEM qualification, this degree makes you eligible for a three-year working visa (OPT) in the U.S. after graduation. Non-U.S. residents who receive a Masters in Business Analytics currently qualify for up to three years OPT (Optional Practical Training) in the U.S. after their studies. All graduate students receive one year OPT; Masters in Business Analytics students can then qualify for a further two years if they are working in a degree-related job and their employer submits for the extension.

Program overview


  • Graduates with a minimum of one year’s work experience OR a bachelors degree in a business related subject

Home campus options:

  • Boston

Rotation campus options:

  • Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, New York

Length of program:
11 months

Potential careers:
– Financial Analyst
– Financial Manager
– Financial Reporter
– Derivatives Analyst
– Credit Risk Analyst
– Payroll Specialist
– Trader

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is the average Hult masters graduate starting salary.*
companies hired Class of 2017 graduates in 60 countries.*
of Hult masters graduates changed country.*
of Hult masters grads were employed within three months of graduation.*



Our practical curriculum has been designed in collaboration with leading CFOs to equip you with both the technical and leadership skills to thrive in an international corporate environment. You’ll study ways to fund investments, free up capital, and decrease costs in a variety of contexts and, by understanding the nuts and bolts of the business and what drives the numbers, learn how to advise on which activities drive profitable growth.

Being a successful member of a finance team in a multinational corporation requires more than a mastery of numbers. You need to go beyond business to understand the opportunity and the risk technology presents to the sector and to society. You need to be able to work in cross-cultural teams and lead in unstable global markets.

Finance Masters Business Students | Hult

“I was looking for something more practical than a traditional university—a school that could develop my professional skills on top of preparing me for a specialized finance track.”

Alexander Capulong, Filipino, Masters in Finance, Class of 2016, London campus


At Hult, you'll go beyond business to learn about the world, the future, and yourself through a practical approach that is embedded into the student experience and the curriculum.

Immersed in diversity
Join classmates of more than 160 nationalities, speaking more than 100 languages as you learn about the world and how to work across cultures.
Learn more

Learn by doing
Put theory into practice and gain firsthand experience throughout your degree by working in diverse teams to solve real-world problems.
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Lead with confidence
Develop deep self-awareness through self-assessments and skills diagnostics, and continually improve through practice, coaching, and peer feedback.
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Shape the future
Learn to thrive in a time of constant change, understand the technologies driving it and how you can harness their power to shape the future.
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Courses and electives

You core program will equip you with the foundations necessary to tackle complex corporate financial management as you learn about the world, the future, and yourself. Choose from a wide range of exciting electives in the summer, which you can take at your home campus or at a rotation campus for further international experience.



Immersion is a combination of learning academic fundamentals, leadership development, building new relationships, and forging a sense of community, all while orienting yourself with the city and campus.

Financial Management

Develop the financial and logical skills to understand and discuss financial policy in a global economy. Objectives include developing an understanding of the time value of money, using financial statements in decision-making, and understanding the nature of financial markets, the cost of capital, and the valuation of stocks and bonds. You will also address the impact of legal, social, technological, and ethical considerations on efficient economic outcomes.

Modeling & Analytics

Modeling and analytics is a rapidly growing field that requires an understanding of statistics/econometrics as well as an understanding of the unique nature of trading and investment. You will learn about the applications and motivations for model building in the world of modern finance and will learn how to conduct an on-the-spot practical demonstration on an econometrics software package, as well as other research methods specifically aligned to corporate finance.

Corporate Finance

In a market economy, financial management is often viewed as the integrating discipline of management, moderating the flow of capital and risks and rewards between savers and users of capital. A primary objective of financial management in the U.S. is to create and preserve shareholder value or wealth. Clearly, that objective does not hold in many parts of the world. You will develop the knowledge, skills, critical-thinking ability, and behaviors required of any manager—not only those specializing in finance. Although the main focus is on profit-seeking firms, what you will learn also has applicability for organizations in the not-for-profit and governmental sectors as well.

International Financial Reporting

Learn about the international landscape of accounting and emerging international accounting standards. You will address the structure, operation, and impact of the International Accounting Standards Board and review the nature and use of the International Financial Reporting Standards. Differences between GAP and IFRS will be highlighted and explored. Attention will be given to the IASB roadmap and the potential for convergence and/or divergence around the globe.




Develop your analytical skills pertaining to theory and practical application of investments—all relative to economic cycles and risk/return opportunities. You will learn through an investor’s perspective, employing a variety of investment trading strategies. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, assignments, and simulated activities, you will obtain a working knowledge of this important topic.

Financial Accounting

Learn about the concepts and practices of accounting for finance professionals. It revolves around the dissection and comprehension of financial statements, to provide you with the necessary accounting foundation and to establish the necessary tools for an eventual estimation of price and risk. You will focus on the development of a methodological framework and an integrated understanding of financial statements with an eye toward how distilling accounting information into economic information is useful for economic decision-making. You will be exposed to financial statements and their relationships, the differences between financial and operating assets and liabilities, profitability and efficiency metrics, and various measures of cash flow.

Portfolio Management

Learn how to utilize a variety of approaches to portfolio management while developing the critical, analytical, and integrative skills relative to problem-solving. You will learn how to effectively manage a variety of portfolios no matter the market conditions. Decision-making skills are developed to determine ideal portfolio mix and policy matched to objectives, asset allocation, and appropriate risk/ reward investment strategies. You will build a portfolio for individual and institutional investors as well as an investment fund, all while utilizing real-world data within a simulation.

Leadership Development

Build on the skills and models introduced during immersion and specifically focus on growth mindset, interpersonal influence, and team collaboration. Through interactive and collaborative learning, you’ll build skills in communication, relationship building, persuasion, negotiation, and conflict resolution. The workshops are a companion to Hult’s peer feedback process and can provide input on your development priorities.



Future Challenge

Your core challenge in the spring is the capstone to your core courses and demands the utmost creativity. Building upon themes established throughout the program, the Future Challenge calls upon students to harness disruptive technology to create a compelling new business opportunity, either for your own startup or for an existing company. You’ll prepare for the Future Challenge by learning about the disruptive technologies themselves (e.g. blockchain, gene editing, artificial intelligence). You and your team are then given three weeks to develop innovative business ideas utilizing a disruptive technology. Winning teams will present their ideas to external judges who include senior executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.




Choose from a broad range of exciting electives and tailor your degree to your interests and goals. You can take electives at up to two of any of our global campus locations in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York.

Global Campus Rotation

Study at up to two campuses and gain on-the-ground international business experience.


*Course titles and sequencing are subject to change.

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Dual Degree program

Further specialize your expertise when you earn a one-year Masters in International Finance and a second masters degree in as little as 18 months of accelerated study. Graduate with two masters degrees and stand out even further in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.

For your second masters degree choose from any of the following at our U.S. campuses:

Business School | Hult shape 1


Global campus locations

Study at up to three campuses in one year and gain a truly global perspective. Start your program in Boston then take your electives in up to two more of any of Hult's global campuses. You’ll study alongside students from over 160 nationalities and graduate with a global network in place.


Fees and financial support

We recognize that your masters degree is an important investment and will work closely with you during the application process to find the best options to fund your program. With an intensive one-year program, you’ll start reaping the benefits of your degree quickly, resulting in an early return on your investment.

Billed Cost of Attendance for 2019 - 2020

Program Fee*

Boston USD


Insurance Coverage**

Boston USD


Library Materials***

Boston USD


Estimated expenses****


Boston USD



Boston USD


Books and Course Materials*****

Boston USD


Dual Degree program fees

Program Fee

Boston USD


San Francisco USD


Insurance Coverage**

Boston USD


San Francisco USD


Library Materials***

Boston USD


San Francisco USD


Application fee: $150 USD

* A non-refundable Confirmation Deposit counts toward the Annual Program Fee.

** Insurance provider varies by campus location.

*** Library includes Harvard cases, articles and other licensed materials.

**** Amounts are based on market benchmarks and exchange rates at the time of print and are therefore subject to change. Estimated expenses should be applied a second time for studying Dual Degree.

***** Course instructors may assign additional textbooks, licensed software or other materials not included in our library as part of the requirements of their course. These are not included in student course fees and costs are an estimate.

Hult International Business School reserves the right to make changes in the courses offered, requirements for graduation, locations, tuition, fees, and accommodation at any time without notice. The most recent Terms & Conditions are available in the "How to apply" section of

Full terms and conditions can be found here.


You can apply for a range of merit-based scholarships that reward your achievements and potential. So whether you’re an academic high achiever, an aspiring entrepreneur, or have a demonstrated aptitude to lead—there could be a scholarship for you at Hult.

Social Impact Scholarship

The Social Impact Scholarship is for applicants who have had, and will have, a positive impact in making the world a better place. Successful candidates will either be from a developing country with plans to use their degree to improve the lives of their fellow citizens, or have worked in organizations serving underprivileged populations. Hult is seeking candidates who can represent the world’s underprivileged and who have high potential for positive impact.

Application requirements

For relevant position(s) held please detail:

  • Name of organization
  • Title of position held
  • Dates position held
  • Overview of role and responsibilities
  • Brief essay detailing the impact you had (max 300 words)

You can apply for scholarships as part of your online application to Hult.

Global Professional Scholarship

The Global Professional Scholarship is awarded to aspiring business leaders who have worked full-time for a minimum of one year in a large global corporation. For this scholarship, Hult is seeking applicants who have experience in an international company and understand the global business environment.

Application requirements

For relevant position(s) held please detail:

  • Name of organization
  • Title of position held
  • Dates position held
  • Overview of role and responsibilities
  • Brief essay detailing what it taught you about the challenges of international business (max 300 words)

You can apply for scholarships as part of your online application to Hult.

Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship

The Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship is for professionals who have had an internship or volunteer experience and have demonstrated involvement, leadership, or had a role in the outcome of an entrepreneurial project. For this scholarship, Hult is seeking candidates who think and act with an entrepreneurial spirit and have a strong sense of how to put a project or idea into action.

Application requirements

For relevant position(s) held please detail:

  • Name of organization
  • Title of position held
  • Dates position held
  • Overview of role and responsibilities
  • Brief essay detailing the impact you had (max 300 words)

You can apply for scholarships as part of your online application to Hult.

Future Leader Scholarship

The Future Leader Scholarship is for students who have demonstrated enthusiasm and a natural aptitude to lead. This may be in a work context through inspiring and managing a high performing team, or by holding significant leadership roles in a social, charitable or entrepreneurial context. For this scholarship, Hult is seeking candidates who can lead successfully through exciting and motivating others.

Application requirements

  • Name of organization
  • Title of position held
  • Dates position held
  • Overview of role and responsibilities
  • Brief essay detailing the impact you had (max 300 words)

You can apply for scholarships as part of your online application to Hult.

Women in Business Scholarship

The Women in Business Scholarship is for female applicants who have work or internship experience or have led a team in an international environment. For this scholarship, Hult is seeking female leaders who have experience in a global company and understand today’s international business environment.

Application requirements

  • Name of organization
  • Title of position held
  • Dates position held
  • Overview of role and responsibilities
  • Brief essay detailing from your experience, why you think it is important to have women in leadership positions (max 300 words)

You can apply for scholarships as part of your online application to Hult.

Academic Excellence Scholarship

The Academic Excellence Scholarship is for candidates who have excelled in their studies, earning an outstanding GPA.

Application requirements

  • Documents demonstrating your academic achievement
  • Degree certificates including course name and university
  • Brief essay detailing what academic achievement you are most proud of and why (max 300 words)
  • GMAT score report (if applicable)

You can apply for scholarships as part of your online application to Hult.

Contact us for more information on the needs-based financial aid available


Apply to Hult’s Masters in Finance

We assess candidates individually based on the strength of their whole profile. Your drive and your mindset are important indicators of your success here, and we value them as much as your proven achievements.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum of one year’s work experience OR bachelors degree in a business-related discipline
  • GMAT or GRE
  • Proof of proficiency in English if applicable (i.e. TOEFL/IELTS)

Apply online now, and one of our Enrollment Advisors will be in touch to support you through the process.

How to apply

01 Activate your profile

  • Go to the application page
  • Enter your personal details, recent employment history, and education history
  • Pay the $150 USD application fee to activate your profile, and your personal Enrollment Advisor will be in touch

02 Application consultation

  • A member of the Enrollment Team will call you to discuss your suitability for the program and guide you through the next steps

03 Complete your application

Submit the following documents in Hult's online application. A conditional acceptance may still be given prior to submission of test scores.

  • Current resume/CV
  • Personal statement as a 400-500 word essay
  • One academic or professional reference
  • A copy of your bachelors degree or equivalent
  • Transcripts (in English) from all universities attended
  • Admissions test scores, if required. i.e. GMAT, GRE, or the Hult Business Assessment Test (your Enrollment Advisor will let you know if you are required to submit this)
  • Evidence of English proficiency, i.e. TOEFL/ IELTS, if required (your Enrollment Advisor will let you know if you are required to submit this)
  • Scholarship and financial aid application

04 Personal assessment interview

  • We will assess your profile, goals, and overall fit for the program in an in-person or phone interview
  • We will also review your English proficiency during the interview

05 Admissions decision

  • You will receive an admissions decision within two weeks, including decisions on any financial assistance applications
  • If you have yet to submit required documents, you may receive a conditional acceptance

06 Submit outstanding documents

  • If you receive a conditional acceptance, you will need to submit any outstanding required documentation— such as your test scores or college transcripts—before you start your program

Apply for this program

Apply now

Application deadlines

We accept applications on a rolling basis with priority being given to those who apply by our official application deadlines.

Early decision

Apply by

September 4, 2018

Round 1

Apply by

October 24, 2018

Round 2

Apply by

December 18, 2018

Round 3

Apply by

February 12, 2019

Round 4

Apply by

March 26, 2019

Round 5

Apply by

May 14, 2019

Round 6

Apply by

June 25, 2019

Round 7

Apply by

July 23, 2019


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